DJ Henski


With over 5 years of experience, DJ Henski has quickly made a name for himself within the Emerald City as an emerging talent on the turntables. A student first, Henski’s wide range of influences within music and DJing has supplied him with an adept and versatile approach that few can replicate. On any given night Henski can seamlessly transition from Top 40 hits to Commercial House/Electro to Old School Hip Hop and R&B, all the while possessing a keen ear that will keep the energy of the party going. Along with his frequent nightclub gigs around the Seattle area, Henski has also done his fair share of college parties, corporate events, weddings and breakdance battles, a testament to the flexibility in his craft.

DJ Henski can be found spinning at various venues throughout Seattle, including Pnk Ultra Lounge (Pacific Place), HG Lodge (formerly War Room), Empire Lounge (formerly Copper Cart), Earl’s on the Ave (Tuesdays), The Baltic Room, Havana, Citrus, Sarajevo Lounge. DJ Henski also mixes on MOViN 92.5’s Friday Night House Party which airs at 11pm every Friday.