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Phone Tap PODCAST: Buttons and the Birthday Party

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Whenever there's a birthday party somewhere in town, you can BET that "Buttons the clown" will know about it… and he's probably going to try and get involved (whether you want him to or not). Sure he's been down on his luck lately… but hopefully things will turn around for Buttons when he Phone Taps this guy today! Listen in the PODCAST. Read More »

Kris Jenner’s New Man


Well that was quick, eh? TMZ is reporting Kris Jenner has already moved on to a new man, but remains quiet about him (for now). [TMZ] Kris Jenner says she is NOT banging the guy she took to Kim Kardashian‘s birthday party … but who is she kidding? The picture is the latest linking Kris and Corey Gamble — one ... Read More »