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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/28/15)

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Macklemore is being accused of stealing Kendrick Lamar's music for "Downtown"....listen & decide for yourself here! This may be the weirdest Lindsay Lohan story we've ever read....she was doing WHAT during a wedding & ended up naked????? Remember that huge ugly tattoo Chris Brown got on his head? He got another one! [PICS IN LINK] Read More »

Unlikely friends: Dog and Elephant

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Imagine you’re a baby elephant, and you see a dog for the first time. You’d be confused, right? Maybe a little freaked out?Well, that’s pretty much how Yindee, a baby elephant at the Elephant Nature Park, reacted when confronted by a random dog, who’s really into playing together.   Read More »

PODCAST: Worst Co-Worker Stories (08/27/15)

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No matter what job you have… or how nice you are. Everybody has that ONE person who they work with, that drives them absolutely crazy… Maybe it's because they're lazy, weird or just plain Creepy. But everyone has a TERRILBE co-worker story. Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/27/15)

Credit: YouTube

Miley Cyrus made Jimmy Kimmel very, very she really allowed to wear that on TV???? [VIDEO IN LINK] There is actually some truly shocking news about Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress! Plus, Ashley Madison is now more than a cheating's a TV show???? Read More »