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Phone Tap PODCAST: Where’s Leonard?

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Today Jubal poses as a customer service representative for a credit card company… And to say that he's not very helpful, would be an understand. Jubal doesn't know ANYTHING about credit cards… at all. Listen in the Phone Tap! Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/20/15)

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Kelly Clarkson tears up while announcing life changing news on stage & it's seriously adorable! [VIDEO IN LINK] Can you guess which married reality star spent almost $1,000 on 2 Ashley Madison accounts????? Plus, people are doing really naughty things to Nicki Minaj's wax statue..... Read More »

Second Date Update PODCAST: Club Game On Point

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The guy who emailed us for a Second Date Update actually describes himself as a "Club Master". We have two questions… #1, What does that mean? and #2, If you're a master, Why aren't you getting called for a second date? Read More »

PODCAST: The Latest Slang Words Kids are Using

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"Booyah!"… "On Fleek"… "ROFL"… Every generation uses weird new slang words, because it's the "cool" way to say something… And it's Constantly changing. Well a new list has come out of the latest slang phrases, kids are using right now. Listen in the PODCAST! Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Miguel and the Trashy Girl

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Jubal calls a woman who works at an office building downtown. Apparently, she's been complaining because the maintenance staff hasn't taken out the trash in the last 3 days… and it's starting to STINK. And Jubal could think of no one better to deal with this situation… than Miguel, the non-native English speaker Read More »