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Lydia’s Friday Five (10.10.14)


Are you plagued by fall gloominess that even pumpkin spice lattes can't improve? Try sipping on my non-fat Friday Five playlist instead. It's the cure for seasonal affectiveness that four out of five unlicensed doctors recommend. The best new indie pop & EDM tracks are just a click away. Get them HERE! Read More »

Second Date Update PODCAST: Earlobe Madness

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Have you ever been on a first date and you do something so STUPID… so idiotic… you're like… "I WISH I could just take that back." That happened to one of our listeners, Nathan. And now he's not getting a call back. Find out what happened in the Second Date Update! Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Sage and the Angry Trees

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Jubal calls a guy who's doing some landscaping for a very wealthy family… and so far, this guy has NEVER met the head of the household. But that's about to change today. Because Sage Willowbrook is calling… Sage is very wealthy, very creepy, and deeply concerned about the welfare his majestic trees. Let's see if they can FIX this… in the PHONE TAP! Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/10/14)

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Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling's name their baby after one of her movie roles! Iggy Azalea may have to give half of everything she owns to her ex....even though they were never even married! Pictures of Jessica Biel spark rumors that Justin Timberlake is about to be a dad! Read More »