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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (6/1/20)

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Credit: BigStockPhoto

  • Taylor Swift tells Trump “we will VOTE YOU OUT” in a Tweet…and in 5 hours it becomes her MOST LIKED TWEET EVER!
  • Beyonce calls for justice for George Floyd

  • VIDEO: Watch Jamie Foxx’s powerful speech as he joined the protests in Minneapolis
  • VIDEO: Mariah Carey sings one of her classic songs in honor of George Floyd and asks you to text FLOYD to 55156
  • VIDEO: Watch Killy Mike’s message, “We don’t want to see targets burning, we want to see the system that sets up for systemic racism burnt to the ground.”
  • Billie Eilish did NOT HOLD BACK, “Why is it okay for white people to protest literally being asked to stay at home while carrying semi-automatic weapons?  Why is it okay for black people to be called thugs for protesting the murder of innocent people?  Do you know why?  White.  [Effing].  Privilege.”
  • PICS: Machine Gun Kelly was at the LA Black Lives Matter protests without security
  • Read Oprah’s POWERFUL MESSAGE on justice for George Floyd
  • Rihanna “Watching my people get murdered and lynched day after day pushed me to a HEAVY PLACE in my heart!”
  • VIDEO: Cops screamed at John Cusak and came at him with batons for filming a burning car
  • PICS: Paris Jackson calls for others to join her on the front lines of the protests
  • Tyler Perry “Please, please stop this violence!!  Looting is NOT THE ANSWER!!!!”
  • VIDEO: Lil Yachty speaking during protests, “Whether you’re black, whether you’re white, green, yellow or purple we’re together.”
  • Nick Cannon releases spoken word track, “I can’t breathe…again!”