PODCAST: Laser Stories (03/17/23)

Weird news stories from around the world… with a healthy dose of lasers added in. Does it make sense? No not really, but it doesn’t HAVE TO… it’s Laser Stories!

PODCAST: Masked Speaker: Best Man Dance

Today’s Masked Speaker went semi-viral for a hilarious Best Man Speech, but what the public doesn’t know, is that while he told the groom he did it on purpose, it…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Cakers

Jose’s starting a new business eating all the cake leftover from office birthday parties. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it!

PODCAST: TikTok Click Shock (03/16/23)

One woman’s first date has gone viral and we have her audio explaining what happened… Plus, when a bride and groom leave a wedding reception people throw rice or confetti,…