I’m A Mother (Jonas Parody) Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Young Jeffrey is shouting out all the new moms this Mother’s Day! Even you, Meghan Markle! Instead of the Jonas Brother’s new hit song “I’m a Sucker” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “I’m A Mother!” https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjeffrey https://twitter.com/BrookeandJeffy https://www.instagram.com/brookeandjeffrey/ https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/

Fifth of May (Destiny’s Child PARODY) Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

It’s about time that Cinco De Mayo became a national holiday, don’t you think? Instead of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Fifth of May!” https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjubal https://twitter.com/BrookeandJubal https://www.instagram.com/brookeandjubal/ https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/

“Kitty Woman” Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

This weekend in Washington D.C. there’s an enormous feline festival for lovers of all things cats. To celebrate that, instead of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “KITTY Woman!” https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjubal https://twitter.com/BrookeandJubal https://www.instagram.com/brookeandjubal/ https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/

I’m A Peep (Radiohead Parody) Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

With Easter just a few days away, Young Jeffrey has decided to sing a song about the ugly duckling of all candy, PEEPS! Instead of Radiohead’s “Creep” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “I’m A Peep!” https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjubal https://twitter.com/BrookeandJubal https://www.instagram.com/brookeandjubal/ https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/

Hair ‘Do – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Instead of Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas’ “SMOOTH” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Hair-Do!” https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjubal https://twitter.com/BrookeandJubal https://www.instagram.com/brookeandjubal/ https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/

“Stay One Season More” (Game of Thrones Parody) Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, April 14th and Young Jeffrey just isn’t ready to let go of that Iron Throne. Instead of James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Stay One Season More.” Obviously, spoiler warning. https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjubal https://twitter.com/BrookeandJubal https://www.instagram.com/brookeandjubal/ https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/

Prank You, Next (Ariana Grande Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

April Fool’s Day is coming up so look alive! Young Jeffrey has some tricks up his sleeve. Instead of Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “PRANK You, Next!” https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjubal https://twitter.com/BrookeandJubal https://www.instagram.com/brookeandjubal/ https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/

“One Swish” (Dua Lipa Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Is your bracket busted? Have you fully succumbed to March Madness? No matter your bracket status, Young Jeffrey has the song for you. Instead of Dua Lipa’s “One Kiss” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “One Swish” https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjubal https://twitter.com/BrookeandJubal https://www.instagram.com/brookeandjubal/ https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/