Second Date Update ™

Second Date Update PODCAST: Get Out Now!

Where this couple met might just be on of the WEIRDEST PLACES a couple has EVER MET.. And once they were introduced, they couldn’t get away from each other… Even if they WANTED TO!! This is DEFINITELY one of the more INTENSE second date updates… At least at the beginning! Listen to the PODCAST!

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Abandon Shrimp

Typically with Second Date Updates there are two options – You either agree to a second date or you don’t…. but this update has a third option we have never experienced before! Turns out some services were exchanged during this date and now an unusual agreement is made at the end of the update. Listen to the podcast below to …

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Ur Mom Is Hawt…

Tinder dates having a reputation for being awkward at first… but one of our listeners, who recently went on a Tinder Date, has an special talent for making things EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. Not only did this listener make his date feel awkward… he made her MOM CRINGE! So, how did he manage to do all this??? Listen to the podcast below …

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