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Phone Tap PODCAST: Ted Crashes and Burns

Our old pal, "Ted the Stoner" is back and he's been down on his luck recently, and crashing at a buddy's place until he can get back on his feet… But now, he's unhappy with his living situation (even though he doesn't pay rent) and he's going to call the property manager to complain… Hear it in the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Big Pook Calls Starbucks

In today’s phone tap, Big Pook is back and of course, he’s been down on his luck ever since he lost his last job… Working at Blockbuster back in 95’… So he really needs to get a job… That’s why today he calls a popular coffee shop to see if they’re hiring… Listen to the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Eagle Outfitters

In today’s phone tap Jubal calls a very popular clothing store… Of course, we’re pretty sure the employees who work there have had to deal with some STRANGE customer complaints before… But we’re guessing they’ve never received a call quite like this one… So we’re not surprised that the woman on the phone ABSOLUTELY had no idea how to handle …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Cheap Xmas Gift

In today’s phone tap, Jubal poses as a school teacher… And he needs to call the mother of one of his young students. You see, after the winter break… All the children came back to class and showed each other the presents they received over vacation… And frankly, her daughter’s gift had EVERYONE shocked and appalled, so Jubal needs her …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Office Holiday Hookup

In today’s phone tap, Jubal calls a woman who apparently got a little WILD at her recent office holiday party… So her co-workers asked me to prank her. That’s why Jubal poses as her HR representative… And needs her to open up about ALL the dirty details about what happened last night on top of the copy machine… Even if …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Whisper My Sandwich Order

In today’s phone tap, Jubal calls a sandwich shop to order himself some lunch… But the guy on the line is making it VERY DIFFICULT for Jubal to place his order… You see, Jubal works at a daycare, and it’s the middle of the children’s naptime…. So Jubal REALLY can’t speak up… Or it’ll wake the kids! Can this dude …

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