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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (1/12/22)

  • A woman claims she found a bag of $300,000 that belonged to rapper Nelly, she says she returned it to him and he ONLY gave her a $100 REWARD Nelly is denying it ever happened
  • So there’s this….The Golden Girls characters are YOUNGER than the ladies in Sex and the City reboot and fans are freaking out
  • PICS: Kanye West and Julia Fox step out for dinner with Antonio Brown as source says he ‘still wants Kim back’…but Kim is TOTALLY UNBOTHERED with his new love interest
  • Zach Galifianakis, Elizabeth Banks to star in Apple’s ‘The Beanie Bubble’  . . . a movie about people collecting BEANIE BABIES in the ’90s
  • Snoop Dogg is coming out with his own brand of HOT DOGS and sausages called “Snoop Doggs”
  • Janet Jackson says it’s time to talk about her WARDROBE MALFUNCTION, because it’s important for women
  • SAG Nominations are out….and people are UPSET that Nicole Kidman got a nom but not Kristen Stewart!
  • Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather SUED for alleged cryptocurrency scam!
  • PICS: Olivia Munn posted a picture of John Mulaney holding their baby
  • Ben Affleck talks to Matt Damon about meeting Jennifer Lopez on Gigli, and why the flop of a movie was so personally “MEANINGFUL”
  •  This year’s Oscars will HAVE A HOST for the first time since 2018.  It hasn’t been announced who it will be…who would you pick???? The ceremony is happening March 27th on ABC
  • “Dexter: The New Blood” is Showtime’s BIGGEST SERIES EVER.  Across its 10-week run, the show averaged 8 million viewers.
  • Oprah is doing her Weight Watchers duty and THROWING OUT some leftover cake
  • VIDEO: The four things Reese Witherspoon is working toward making into habits
  • Stevie Nicks will become the FIRST FEMALE HEADLINER for the Bonnaroo Festival this June.  The other headliners are J. Cole and Tool
  • Jeremy Renner says he thought it was NORMAL TO TEACH “girls how to put tampons in” saying, “I’m a badass dude because I was raised by badass women”