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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (1/25/22)

steve o
  • Steve-O wants to end his “Jackass” era by getting BREAST IMPLANTS and getting shot in the jaw
  • Peter Dinklage CALLS OUT Disney for remaking “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “What the F*** are you doing????”
  • Cardi B  won a LIBEL SUIT against a blogger who said that she was a prostitute who did drugs and contracted STDs…the blogger has to pay her $1.25 million!
  • VIDEO: The Rock’s daughter shoved a hug thing of peanut butter right on his face
  • Kanye West is accusing Kim Kardashian of LEAKING STORIES and “playing games”
  • Martha Stewart now says it’s ok to put ICE IN YOUR WINE
  • Will Arnett’s new Netflix comedy “Murderville” is a murder mystery with a new celebrity guest star every episode . . . but they DON’T GET A SCRIPT!
  • Bad Bunny  is launching a massive STADIUM TOUR this summer
  •  In NBC’s Super Bowl 56 logo, the Roman numerals LVI have red palm trees in them . . . but people think it looks like blood dripping down the letters.  One person called it “CSI: Super Bowl”, and another said it looks like a promo for “Dexter”

  • VIDEO: Kathy Griffin took her first walk since her lung cancer surgery
  • Jennifer Garner baked HOMEMADE COOKIES and delivered them to local doctors and nurses in Los Angeles
  • VIDEO: Check out the first teaser for Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pinocchio”.  It’s coming to Netflix in December