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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (1/28/22)

kanye mini van
  • Kanye West just dropped $400,000 on a MINIVAN!  More pics HERE

  • A Taylor Swift “fan” literally CRASHED HIS CAR into Taylor’s NYC apartment building, telling police he wasn’t leaving until he talked to Taylor! He was arrested and taken to the hospital
  • Since splitting from Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa appears to be living in a CAMPER VAN in a friend’s yard…granted, it’s a $750,000 luxury van, but still
  • PICS: Kat Von D’s goth Victorian mansion for sale for $15 million….comes complete with red pool and bats painted on the walls
  • Kylie Jenner is being SLAMMED because fans say Kylie cosmetics just “recycles” the same products and colors over and over again
  • NBC’s Betty White TRIBUTE SPECIAL will air Monday night at 10 p.m.  Guests will include President Biden . . . Jimmy Fallon . . . Cher . . . Goldie Hawn . . . and Jay Leno
  • Paris Hilton wants to name her future daughter LONDON because, “it’s my favorite city and I think Paris and London sound cute together.”
  • Dolly Parton puts down decades long rumor that she insured her BREASTS FOR MILLIONS!
  • PICS: Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a picture of himself as Zeus . . . it’s probably a teaser for a Super Bowl commercial
  • PICS: Khloe Kardashian posted some pictures of herself in a skintight outfit, with the caption, “Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies.”
  • VIDEO: Kristen Stewart’s reaction to her dog loudly interrupting her interview with Nicole Kidman is very on brand
  • VIDEO: Alicia Silverstone has a message for the fat-shamers
  • VIDEO: Paul Rudd joins Seth Rogen for Lay’s 1st Super Bowl commercial in 17 Years
  • A new study claims that the MOST DISTRACTING SONG to drive to is “Hey Ya” by Outkast, and the least distracting song is “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish
  • VIDEO: Check out the trailer for season two of “Space Force”