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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/18/22)

LOS ANGELES - MAY 13:  Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde at the "Book
LOS ANGELES – MAY 13: Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde at the “Booksmart” Premiere at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on May 13, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
  • According to their old nanny, Jason Sudeikis flung himself UNDER Olivia Wilde’s car so she couldn’t leave to take her special SALAD DRESSING (not a euphemism) to Harry Styles! It’s being dubbed “salad gate” and people are doing everything in their power to figure out WHAT IS IN the dressing!  Though, Jason and Olivia have COME TOGETHER to shut her down, calling the claims completely “false and scurrilous”

  • New York restaurant BANNED James Corden for being ‘a tiny cretin of a man’…saying he is “the most abusive customer to my Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago”….but then removed the ban after James called an APOLOGIZE profusely
  • There wasn’t a dry eye on “Dancing with the Stars” last night as Selma Blair had to BOW OUT due to her MS…watch the TEARFUL PERFORMANCE here!
  • New music from Rihanna?????  Sources say Rihanna will do the END CREDITS SONG for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”
  • Taylor Swift is REVEALING LYRICS from her upcoming album “Midnights” every night this week AT midnight, on billboards around the world
  • PICS: The inspiration for Pixar’s “Mama Coco” died at the age of 109
  • Zendaya plays a TENNIS PRO in her upcoming movie “Challengers”, and she took her prep seriously . . . becoming good enough at tennis that she did most of her own playing onscreen
  • In his sexual assault trial yesterday, Kevin Spacey revealed that his father was a neo-NAZI, who often berated him for possibly being gay
  • VIDEO: Mariah Carey has an important message….it’s “not yet” time for Christmas music
  • PICS: Did you see the completely over the top Halloween party the Kardashians threw for their kids?
  • A Broadway theater had to REMOVE A SEAT so 6-foot-9 Magic Johnson could sit comfortably.
  • VIDEO: We love this video of Tilda Swinton freaking out over latte art
  • VIDEO: This is how Jennifer Garner was greeted on Boss’s Day
  • PICS: Is this Simone Biles wedding dress? Or after party dress? Or just her trying things on? We don’t care, we love it!
  • VIDEO: The Rock’s sex tape joke on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” went over Kelly’s head at first
  • The first TEASER for the “Christmas Story” sequel is here…and Ralphie is an adult!