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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/19/21)

kanye west new look
  • Kanye West LEGALLY CHANGED his name to just YE . . . without a middle or last name.  He says it’s for “personal reasons”, but he chose “Ye” three years ago for its mention in the Bible. (Here he is in 2018 EXPLAINING why he named his album “Ye”) SCROLL DOWN for his new BIZARRE FACEMASK “look”
  • Former Playboy bunny claims she was visited by THE GHOST of Hugh Hefner
  • PICS: Paris Hilton’s bridal shower had the cast of RHOB and a champagne vending machine!
  • Scott Disick is about ‘to go off the DEEP END’ about Kourtney’s engagement
  • Fans GO WILD after Tom Holland posts ‘heart eyes’ Instagram picture of Zendaya at Dune premiere
  • Adele is doing a TWO HOUR SPECIAL on CBS and Paramount+ called “Adele One Night Only” on November 14th
  • JoJo Siwa & Jenna’s Foxtrot earned them the first PERFECT SCORE of the season
  • VIDEO:  “Sopranos” star Vincent Pastore hysterical Halloween commercial for Dietz & Watson, where he plays a character called “The Gabaghoul”, and he teaches you how to make Hoagie bites for your guests
  • The Weeknd is PUSHING BACK his tour to next summer
  • PICS: OMG so sweet! Lance Bass with his twins
  • Kim Kardashian bought the L.A. house from Kanye for $23 MILLION
  • The star of the original “Wonder Woman” TV series will APPEAR in the next Wonder Woman movie
  • Jack White released a NEW SONG yesterday called “Taking Me Back” for the new “Call of Duty” game
  • VIDEO/PICS: Gwen Stefani posted some throwback videos and a pic from when Blake Shelton proposed
  • Starz is making a limited “John Wick” PREQUEL SERIES called “The Continental”, which is also the name of the hotel where international assassins gather
  • Mel Brooks is doing “History of the World: Part 2” as a SERIES ON HULU
  • Disney PUSHED BACK the release dates of several upcoming sequels, including the new “Dr. Strange”, “Thor”, and “Black Panther” movies, plus the fifth “Indiana Jones” movie, which has been postponed a whole year
  •  A list of actors who refuse to WATCH THEMSELVES on-screen includes: Emma Stone . . . Adam Driver . . . Joaquin Phoenix . . . and Nicole Kidman