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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/21/22)

taylor midnights
  • Taylor Swift’s CRASHES Spotify as she releases “Midnights” and then SURPRISES fans with 7 more tracks, dubbed “3am Tracks”, a mere hours later!! LISTEN TO “MIDNIGHTS” HERE! Fans think one of the songs is about miscarriage and are SHARING their own experiences of loss in response. And another track might be her CALLING OUT John Mayer???? PLUS, the album will be accompanied by several short films, the “Midnight MUSIC MOVIES” [SCROLL DOWN FOR OFFCIAL VIDEO OF ANTI-HERO]

  • Kylie Jenner’s $72 MILLION private jet features lavish food, drink menus
  • Britney Spears fans are WORRIED after she teased ‘X-rated video’
  • PICS: OMG after Olivia Wilde shared her infamous salad dressing recipe, Grey Poupon released “Don’t Worry Dijon” mustard jar
  • Conan O’Brien reportedly FIRED a staffer for being rude to waitstaff!
  • Ed Sheeran was WRITING the James Bond theme song when they gave it to Billie Eilish instead, “I’m not gonna pretend it didn’t hurt not doing it.”
  • BTS member Jin is DEBUTING his solo single at Coldplay’s concert in Argentina on the 28th
  • VIDEO: George Clooney is still close to his costars from his “ER” days
  • Joy Behar claims she’s had SEX WITH GHOSTS
  • VIDEO: Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek star alongside their real-life kids in the upcoming movie “Sam & Kate
  • Lil Nas X was so HYPED that Will Ferrell came to his show!
  • VIDEO: Tom Hanks plays a grumpy old man in “A Man Called Otto”