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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/27/20)

drake 2
  • Drake turned 34 over the weekend…but fans are freaking out over the party menu because it featured mac n cheese WITH RAISINS!

  • Someone ROBBED Conan O’Brien’s theater!
  • Tom Holland BEGINS FILMING “Spider-Man 3” and fans are losing it!

  • PICS: Lizzo has red hair and it looks amazing!
  • Emily Ratajkowski is pregnant, she won’t KNOW THE GENDER until they turn 18
  • Kazakhstan is finally accepting “Borat” and using the phrase “VERY NICE” as part of their tourism ads
  • DWTS Cheryl Burke suffers HEAD INJURY during rehearsal
  • Cardi B addresses the RIDICULOUS IDEA that her Birkin bag collection is ‘devaluing’ the brand
  • Hilary Duff announces she’s PREGNANT with her 3rd child
  • VIDEO: The Rock singing “Happy Birthday” to his mom is the sweetest!
  • A #1 song written by a SOLO SONGWRITER is a thing of the past….The last song written by just one person to reach #1 was  Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, which he wrote