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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/4/21)

kacey naked
  • Kacey Musgraves’ performed NAKED wearing only cowboy boots & her guitar on “SNL” …Kacey confirmed on TWITTER it was all inspired by the movie “Forest Gump” [SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL VIDEO]
  • A couple unknowingly bought the house that INSPIRED “The Exorcist”
  • PICS: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went on a double date
  • Kelly Clarkson gets to EVICT her ex from her $10.4 million Montana ranch…he doesn’t get to keep the Montana properties but he is getting $200k a month for “spousal and child support” . . . even though she has primary custody of their two kids
  • PICS: Amy Schumer and a pregnant Jennifer Lawrence attended the women’s march together
  • Billie Eilish will play Sally in some “Nightmare Before Christmas” LIVE CONCERTS
  • Emily Ratajkowski says that Robin Thicke GROPED her breasts while they were filming the “Blurred Lines” video…she said he apologized & she thinks he only did it because he was drunk
  • VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld jokingly apologizes for the “subtle sexual” nature in “Bee Movie” between Barry B. Benson and human florist Vanessa Bloome
  • SNL paid TRIBUTE to Norm McDonald during this weekend’s season opener
  • Scarlett Johansson reportedly got $40 MILLION in her “Black Widow” settlement with Disney
  • Neil Patrick Harris is launching a LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER
  • Will Smith names his best and WORST MOVIES
  • VIDEO: Tony Bennett’s wife says he doesn’t know he has Alzheimer’s
  • VIDEO: Adam Sandler’s  “balcony basket” isn’t the best trick shot you’ve ever seen, but it’s still pretty impressive
  • Scientists hooked people up to a heart rate monitor to find the SCARIEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME,  top 3 were “Host” from 2020 . . . “Sinister” from 2012 . . . and “Insidious” from 2010
  • VIDEO: Dave Grohl knows how to play drums only with his TEETH