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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/5/20)

tom cruise
  • Tom Cruise just causally filming on top of a SPEEDING TRAIN for “Mission: Impossible 7”

Halla Tom #fyp #norway #missionimpossible #norge #hype

♬ DET ER HAN SOM SITTER DER – Tomas Haugland Spangelo

  • Sofia Vergara tops HIGHEST PAID ACTRESSES list…the top 10 women made a combined $254 million, which is down 20% from last year’s list
  • VIDEO: Lana Del Rey did a fan meet and greet in a MESH face mask
  • Max Ehrich is accusing Demi Lovato of USING HIM and turning split into PR stunt
  • VIDEO: There’s clear CCTV video of Rick Moranis being sucker-punched
  • VIDEO: Mick Fleetwood joined TikTok just so he could recreate that viral video of the guy skateboarding to “Dreams”
  • The new James Bond movie “No Time to Die” has been pushed back from November to NEXT APRIL
  • PICS: Joe Jonas debuts bright pink hair for Breast Cancer Awareness month!
  • PICS: Caitlyn Jenner has gone blonde
  • Two news anchors stay “in character” while discussing their dinner plans

  • PICS: Mark Consuelos wished Kelly Ripa a happy 50th
  • Yesterday was the 30th ANNIVERSARY of the premiere of “Beverly Hills 90210”
  • Did you miss Jim Carrey’s debut as Joe Biden????