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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/7/22)

  • Chris Pratt’s Mario voice BAFFLES fans after 1st listen: ‘Holy s— it’s literally just Chris Pratt’s voice’ [SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL TRAILER]
  • VIDEO: During a press event for “Black Adam” in Mexico, fans CROWD SURFED a BABY over to The Rock so he could hold it
  • Members of BTS might have to report for South Korea’s mandatory MILITARY DUTIES
  • Prince Harry, Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, and other British celebrities are suing the “Daily Mail” over PHONE TAPPING allegations
  • A MOVIE MUSICAL of the classic video game “The Oregon Trail” is in the works!
  •  Right Said Fred called Beyoncé “arrogant” for sampling their song “I’m Too Sexy” on her song “Alien Superstar” WITHOUT PERMISSION
  • PICS: Sarah Jessica Parker’s $890 pigeon clutch purse is so real it’s freaking us out!
  • Justin Bieber has been forced to postpone his Justice World Tour yet AGAIN
  • Jared Leto will portray the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in a BIOPIC
  • In response to Angelina Jolie’s latest ABUSE ALLEGATIONS, Brad Pitt’s attorney says Brad will not, “own anything he didn’t do.”
  • VIDEO: The trailer for Chris Hemsworth’s new show for National Geographic called “Limitless”… it premieres November 16th on Disney+
  • Jada Pinkett Smith is writing a “no holds barred” MEMOIR that’ll cover her “unconventional upbringing”, through her “complicated marriage” to Will Smith, and beyond.