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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (11/12/20)

lil nas x
  • This is our new favorite Instagram account….OVER HEARD CELEBS collects random celebrity encounter stories…like Jay Z’s Diaper Run story & Justin Bieber and the Pulse Check!
  • Ticketmaster is working on a new system where after you buy a ticket, you’ll have to either prove that you’ve been vaccinated, or TEST NEGATIVE for COVID 24 to 28 hours before the show
  • Alec Baldwin, Alicia Silverstone, Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Edie Falco, Sia, Alan Cumming, Lisa Edelstein, Richard Marx, and Daisy Fuentes are trying to get you to make a TURKEY FREE PLEDGE for this Thanksgiving!
  • PICS: Emma Roberts is “Cosmo’s” first pregnant cover model
  • Selena Gomez will star in a biopic about a gay, pioneering MOUNTAIN CLIMBER named Silvia Vasquez-Lavado
  • Chris Harrison  admits there’s a “Bachelor” / “Bachelorette” DOUBLE-STANDARD, but thinks maybe there should be?
  • PICS: Cardi B apologized after being accused of appropriating Hindu culture on a magazine cover
  • PICS: Usher shared the sweetest pic of his new baby girl!
  • PICS: Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom are fostering a new dog
  • Kaley Cuoco thinks the creator of “The Big Bang Theory” gave her and Johnny Galecki MORE SEX SCENES after they broke up in real life, just to mess with them
  • PICS: Leonardo DiCaprio apparently hates this very strange 1995 photo shoot . . . especially the picture with the bananas