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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (12/14/20)

bruce buffer
  • Someone paid UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer $299 on Cameo to make a BREAK UP VIDEO!

  • Kim Kardashian put her kids’ elves in QUARANTINE for 10 days to give herself a break
  • FKA Twigs is suing Shia LaBeouf for SEXUAL BATTERY, assault, emotional distress and “relentless” abuse….she says he terrorized her and knowingly gave her an STD.  And Sia is BACKING her up.
  • VIDEO: Cardi B twerks upside down on her husband Offset for his birthday!
  • VIDEO: Miley Cyrus is “celebrating” the 10th anniversary of being caught hitting a bong
  • VIDEO: Meghan Markle makes surprise TV appearances to honor COVID-19 heroes!
  • “Basic Instinct” ranks as the SEXIEST MOVIE EVER…”50 Shades” comes in 2nd
  • VIDEO: Regina Hall wrote a song to celebrate her 50th birthday
  • Kanye West is facing two separate CLASS-ACTION LAWSUITS for mistreating workers on his Christian opera Nebuchadnezzar”
  • George Clooney has barely left his home since March because he’s so worried about his 3-year old ASTHMATIC SON getting COVID-19