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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (12/15/21)

tom zendaya
  • VIDEO: Tom Holland stopped an interview just so he could watch Zendaya walk the red carpet! This couldn’t be sweeter!

  • Britney Spears asked her fans to guess if the new addition to the family is a GIRL OR BOY????? The video teases her bottle feeding something in her arms…we’re guessing it’s a puppy?
  • Ummmm Stephanie Matto, from the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise, is SELLING HER FARTS in a jar for $100 a pop.  Or toot.  So far she’s made over $90,000
  • There’s a growing movement online to get Marvel to recast T’Challa from “Black Panther” and KEEP HIM ALIVE….Chadwick Boseman’s brother thinks Chadwick would want that too, because he’s such a powerful role model for black kids
  • Flavor Flav was nearly CRUSHED by a huge boulder and the pics of his car are scary
  • Harry Styles is doing GOOD ON TOUR! He’s raised over $1 million for non-profit charities and helped reduce the use of plastics and saved a total of 33,940 plastic bottles
  • All the things you totally forgot HAPPENED IN 2021 include the Bernie Sanders mitten meme . . . Lil Nas X’s Satan shoes . . . and Dolly Parton recreating her 1978 “Playboy” cover
  • PICS: Grimes called Elon Musk an icon for cutting his own hair for his “Time” magazine Person of the Year cover
  • VIDEO: CONGRATS! Russell Brand is celebrating 19 years of sobriety
  • Barack and Michelle Obama were named the MOST ADMIRED man and woman in the world
  • The finale of “The Voice” Season 21 was last night and the WINNER IS….
  • Logic’s SUICIDE PREVENTION SONG from 2017 actually did some good.  According to a study, during its popularity, suicides in 10 to 19-year-olds dropped by 5.5%, which accounts for around 245 lives