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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/3/21)

Astronaut In Outer Space Over Full Moon And Stars Background. El
Astronaut in outer space over full moon and stars background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
  • Japanese billionaire is looking for 8 STRANGERS to join him on his trip to the moon!
  • Meghan Markle being called A BULLY???? Her and Harry say it’s a “smear campaign” but ex-workers claim “emotional cruelty and manipulation” and reports are that 2 workers even quit!
  • Word is Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Balwin used a SURROGATE to carry baby girl Lucia …who was born only 5 months after Hilaria gave birth to their new son Eduardo
  • Dolly Parton wants you to GET VACCINATED she got the Moderna vaccine that her $1 million donation helped fund!
  • Dr. Seuss Enterprises has decided to stop selling six of his books, because they contain outdated and “HURTFUL” AND RACIST images
  • Upcoming Harry Potter video game will give users the ability to play as TRANSGENDER CHARACTERS
  •  Investigators executed a search warrant to get the “BLACK BOX” from Tiger Woods’ wrecked SUV
  • he LGBTQ+ dating app Grindr is being turned into a COMEDY SERIES called “Bridesman”
  • Chip Gaines  from “Fixer Upper” is hiding $1,000 CHECKS in 10 pre-order copies of his new book
  • A website give five people $1,000 EACH to watch the first five seasons of “Friends”
  • PICS: Kate Hudson posted the sweetest pic of her mom Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
  • John Mayer joined TikTok . . . and posted what appears to be A MESSAGE to all the Taylor Swift fans who’ve been coming for him

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