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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/31/20)

Britney Spears at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Once Upon a Time
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  • Shaquille O’Neal DEFENDS his appearance in Netflix’s “Tiger King” saying, “I don’t harm tigers. I love tigers.” And Doc Antle PERFORMED with Britney Spears during the 2001 VMAs!

  • And just like that…the first CORONAVIRUS MOVIE is already on the way! It’s a Canadian thriller titled “Corona”
  • PICS: Drake posted pic of him and his son Adonis…and the internet has lost it’s mind!
  • Rihanna wants 3 or 4 KIDS and doesn’t care if she’s a single mom
  • OUCH! Meghan Markle gets SLAMMED by critics for her narration of an elephant documentary
  • VIDEO: Chelsea Handler admits that the craziest place she’s ever had sex is at a funeral!
  • VIDEO: With the President announcing he wants us to quarantine until April 30th, the “It’s gonna be May” memes are starting early this year…Justin Timberlake & Lizzo got a jump on it!
  • Just two weeks after giving $1 MILLION to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have donated $400,000 to New York HOSPITALS
  • Lizzo sent LUNCH to hospital staffs in WASHINGTON and Minnesota
  • Ariana Grande has naturally curly hair?????

  • PICS: Jared Leto is fully on the “Tiger King” craze and is dressing up like him!
  • Elton John’s “Living Room Concert” has already raised $8 MILLION 
  • Liam Payne has donated more than 360,000 MEALS to families in need throughout the U.K
  • Suzanne Somer is planning on celebrating her 75th birthday by POSING NUDE for Playboy
  • Matthew McConaughey says we’re at war and SOCIAL DISTANCING is the brave thing to do

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