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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (4/19/21)

LOS ANGELES - JAN 23:  Lizzo arrives for the Spotify Best New Ar
LOS ANGELES – JAN 23: Lizzo arrives for the Spotify Best New Artist 2020 Party on January 23, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA
  • VIDEO: Lizzo admits  she drunkenly slid into Chris Evans’ DMs

Don’t drink and DM, kids…. for legal porpoises this is a joke

♬ original sound – HI I’M TATI 💕

  • VIDEO: Britney Spears posted a video letting everyone know she’s okay and just “taking a break right now.”
  • And after 23 days…Chrissy Teigen has UN-QUIT TWITTER saying, “it feels terrible to silence yourself and also no longer enjoy belly chuckles randomly throughout the day and also lose like 2000 friends at once.”
  • Demi Lovato attacks a FRO-YO SHOP for their sugar free options!
  • VIDEO: Steve Urkel is back . . . and he’s getting high with Snoop Dogg
  • Taylor Swift fans have been EXTREMELY CONCERNED about her cat Meredith lately…but Taylor released a video to let them all know the cat is fine

  • “Bachelor” producers give A SIGN if it’s a good time for contestants TO KISS!
  • PICS: Danica Patrick has a new boyfriend & they’re Insta official!
  • VIDEO: An American Idol contestant started crying after forgetting the words mid performance!
  • VIDEO: Paris Hilton says she’s still dealing with the fallout from the leak of her sex tape in 2004
  • VIDEO: Pat Sajak accidentally revealed the answer to the puzzle in the bonus round . . . but no one noticed
  • Actor Felix Silla DIES at 84 from cancer
  • Parody of what EVERY Netflix stand up special is like….