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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (5/19/23)

jeff lauren
  • PICS: Jeff Bezo’s $500 million yacht has a sculpture of his girlfriend on the front of it!!!

  • Lady Gaga fans left BAFFLED, calling her”unrecognizable” in TikTok VIDEO….she def looks a little different to us but not unrecognizable!
  • PICS: Congrats to Ireland Baldwin on her new baby girl….named Holland!
  • This TikToker is going viral for playing songs BACKWARDS, recording it…and playing it forward to see how close he got!
  • PICS: Rihanna posts gorgeous pregnancy photos
  • PICS: Winona Ryder was spotted in her Lydia Deetz costume filming “Beetlejuice 2”
  •  Miley Cyrus carried “guilt and shame” for years about the controversies…now she realizes she was HARSHLY JUDGED as a child
  • VIDEO: On his new reality show, Sylvester Stallone teaches Al Pacino how to take a selfie
  •  Demi Lovato is urging teens to ASK FOR HELP if they’re struggling with their mental health
  • VIDEO: Courtney Love sings never-before-heard alternative lyrics to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
  • Jackie Chan to RETURN in next Karate Kid Movie
  • Harrison Ford was celebrated at Cannes….but his wife wasn’t allowed to SIT WITH HIM! 
  • Priscilla Presley’s requests in her dispute with her granddaughter Riley Keough was to be BURIED next to Elvis at Graceland, but she was denied