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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (5/27/21)

ariana grande wedding
  • PICS: Ariana Grande shared all her wedding photos with Vogue and they are stunning! Do you love her simple Vera Wang gown????

  • Akon’s car was stolen while he was pumping gas and here is the 911 CALL
  • Kim Kardashian failed her baby BAR EXAM , “I am a failure . . . To not pass gets your spirit down.  It makes you want to give up.”  [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO] And Kim DENIED ever hooking up with Travis Barker
  • Bella Thorne and sisters COURTED to be ‘next Kardashians’
  • Ben Affleck returned to LA, he & J.Lo are ‘prepared to make LONG DISTANCE work’…and they had their IG DEBUT planned before news broke they were dating!
  • OMG a dolphin reacting to Mariah Carey’s high note is amazing!!!!

  • Researchers at MyHeritage have discovered Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are actually RELATED…their parents share common ancestors from over 500 years ago
  • Nick Lachey WON season 5 of “The Masked Singer” last night…he was Piglet
  • VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds opened up about his “lifelong pal, anxiety”
  • Brad Pitt wins JOINT CUSTODY of the kids
  • J.J. Abrams ADMITS he should have planned the Star Wars trilogy better, “What I’ve learned as a lesson a few times now . . . is that you have to plan things as best you can, and you always need to be able to respond to the unexpected.”
  • Kevin Clark, the drummer from “School of Rock” was killed Tuesday night when he was STRUCK BY A CAR while cycling in Chicago…he was only 32