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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (5/28/21)

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  • Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer said they had major crushes on each other during the first season and ALMOST HOOKED UP

  • VIDEO: Lady Gaga joined Lisa Kudrow for “Smelly Cat”….and it slaps! But the REVIEWS for the reunion show are not exactly glowing…one calling it “curiously empty”
  • OMG Destiny’s Child REUNITES! Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle still do GROUP CHATS . . . and Michelle Williams shared 3 CLIPS from them
  • The MOST EXPENSIVE SCENE  ever filmed for “The Office” was Jim’s proposal to Pam, because they actually built the gas station where it takes place . . . plus the four-lane highway it was located on! The scene cost $250,000!
  • Kelly Clarkson’s show will air in Ellen DeGeneres’s TIME SLOT
  • Kim Kardashian & her kids had Covid-19 LAST FALL, just after her big controversial b-day trip
  • PICS: Diddy posted a Throwback Thursday pic of himself holding hands with Jennifer Lopez and everyone is wondering why?????
  • The new BTS song “Butter” has already broken five Guinness WORLD RECORDS
  • PICS: Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum seem to be having fun on the set of their new movie, “The Lost City of D”
  • “Dazed and Confused” tops the list for BEST MOVIES ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL
  • A list of QUIET SNACKS to eat while watching “A Quiet Place Part II” includes: marshmallows . . . popcorn butter . . . and UNWRAPPED Twinkies
  • John Davis, one of the ACTUAL SINGERS for Milli Vanilli died of COVID
  • Bill Cosby’s parole was DENIED, in part because he refused to participate in a therapy program for sex offenders