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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (5/3/22)

  • PICS: Kim Kardashian had to LOSE 16lbs to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the Met Gala!  “I tried it on and it didn’t fit me.  I said, ‘Give me three weeks.’ …I haven’t had carbs or sugar in about three weeks.  We’re having [a] pizza and donut party back at the hotel [after].”
  • Everyone LOVED Jared Leto’s Met Gala look….and then were shocked to realize it WASN’T HIM! The mystery man is Fredrik Robertsson and he definitely upstaged the real Jared Leto who showed up in matching suits with Gucci designer Alessandro Michele. Twitter came with all the jokes:

  • PICS: Khloe Kardashian wore an almost MATCHING LOOK to Kim…but it def wasn’t planned…and Kourtney Kardashian called out for being “DISRESPECTFUL” and gross for all the PDA her and Travis Barker shared
  • PICS: EVERY Met Gala 2022 Red Carpet look!
  • Real-life, self-identifying VAMPIRES have concerns about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s blood drinking
  • Justin Lin reportedly QUIT as director of “Fast X” because of Vin Diesel! Source says “Diesel shows up late to the set. He doesn’t know his lines. And he shows up out of shape”
  • Angelina Jolie  had to be rushed to a bomb shelter while visiting displaced Ukrainians in the city of Lviv (It happens around the 2:10 minute mark)
  • Seth Rogen, Aziz Ansari, Kathryn Hahn, and Jack Black did a TABLE READ for the “Shrinkage” episode of “Seinfeld”
  • VIDEO: There’s now video of Olivia Wilde being served those custody papers
  • The axe Jack Nicholson used in “The Shining” sold at an AUCTION for $175,000 after 12 bids
  • VIDEO: “Yo! MTV Raps” returns on May 24th…but NOT on MTV
  • The guys in Korn posted a VIDEO of themselves singing “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys . . . and Nick Carter RESPONDED
  •  Check out the trailer for “Don’t Worry Darling” . . . the THRILLER that Olivia Wilde directed with her boyfriend Harry Styles and Florence Pugh