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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (5/6/20)

adele pic
Credit: YouTube
  • HELLO to Adele! Damn girl you looking good! Happy 32nd BIRTHDAY!

  • OMG NASA says that Tom Cruise is going to make a movie on the International SPACE STATION!
  • OOOH Ex-Disneyland employee spills on which celebrities are divas…Will Ferrell is apparently awesome but Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey are both MONSTERS.…she goes into more detail about them IN THIS VIDEO
  • VIDEO: Vanessa Bryant found an unopened letter Kobe had written to her…she waited until yesterday, which was her birthday, to open it
  • PICS: Katy Perry shared a pic of the Met Gala look she was suppose to be wearing….it paid homage to Madonna
  • Bruce Willis is back with his CURRENT WIFE after quarantining with his ex-wife, Demi Moore
  • VIDEO: Daniel Radcliffe will read “Harry Potter” to you!
  • VIDEO: Kerry Washington’s dad & Beyonce’s mom tell bad “dad jokes” back and forth!
  • Mr. Feeny on”Boy Meets World”, has recorded a video to pay TRIBUTE TO TEACHERS
  • Angelina Jolie wrote a LETTER TO CONGRESS, calling on them to increase the SNAP food stamp benefits program during the coronavirus crisis
  • Kevin Jonas has joined Caribu, a “PLAYDATE” APP, as a strategic investor…the app aims to keep families connected during social distancing, with a library full of games, coloring sheets, activities, books, and read-alouds