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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (5/8/20)

kanye yeezy
Credit: YouTube
  • Kanye West’s latest Yeezy 451 LEAKED…and the jokes just keep coming! [SCROLL DOWN for video of his Wyoming ranch being transformed into Yeezy campus]

  • PICS: Earl Thomas’ wife gets him huge gold necklace for his birthday after WILD ARREST
  • Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber deliver the LOCKDOWN ANTHEM, “Stuck With U” all for charity!
  • OMG This guy had a random dance off with Vanessa Hudgens & asked her out…without knowing who she was…and Vanessa just shared her REACTION TO THE STORY on TikTok!
  • VIDEO: Elon Musk explains how to say his baby’s name, “it’s just X, as in the letter X, and the Æ is pronounced ‘ash’…” then it looks like A-12 is exactly how it’s written
  • Kristin Cavallari thought Jay Cutler was “LAZY” and “UNMOTIVATED” post NFL
  • The Jonas Brothers will VISIT YOUR HOME if you win their All-In Challenge!
  • Ariel Winter cut off the tip of her thumb while cooking and then accidentally THREW IT AWAY
  • Guy Fieri helped raise $20 MILLION for a relief fund for restaurant workers
  • Anyone else on board with Jennifer Aniston’s heartfelt message?

  • Demi Lovato shared a new EMO VERSION of “I Love Me” that she recorded with Travis Barker
  • BEFORE/AFTER PIC: Chris Pratt got a haircut from his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger
  • VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Ruffalo, Debra Messing, and others made a PSA asking for volunteers and supplies for the Navajo Nation
  • VIDEO: Andy Serkis aka Gollum reads “The Hobbit” for charity!
  • Courteney Cox: ‘I’m cooking so much, I’m EXHAUSTED from cooking’
  • The Rock gave a special shoutout & TEQUILA to a Virginia teacher who retired after 39 years
  • The cast of “Community” is getting together . . . remotely, of course . . . for a TABLE READING of one of the episodes a week from this Monday