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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (6/2/21)

watermelon mustard
  • Lizzo  tried some TikTok guy’s “recipe” of putting yellow mustard on watermelon….would you eat it???

#stitch with @yayayayummy ummmm I ended up just eating it w tajin 🤭

♬ original sound – lizzo

  • Ed Sheeran is about to become the FACE OF TIKTOK after his big deal he just signed!
  • JoJo Siwa has a new movie coming out but in the script she has to KISS A MAN, “I’m madly in love and I do not want to kiss another human.  Especially because it’s a man . . . I’m not about it.  I’m trying to get it pulled so bad.  It’ll happen.  It’ll get pulled.”
  • The cast of “Friends” each made $2.5 MILLION for the HBO Max reunion special…and Jennifer Aniston posted some BTS PICS!
  • Matthew Perry and his fiancée have called it QUITS . . . nearly a month after he was outed for hitting up an 18-year-old woman on a dating app
  • PICS: Just more sweet pics of Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck cuddling up together
  • 16 of the WILDEST HOLLYWOOD STORIES include Jim Carrey receiving torture training for “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” . . . the cast and crew from “Titanic” being poisoned by PCP-spiked clam chowder . . . and Peter Mayhew needing to be escorted in his Chewbacca costume so people wouldn’t mistake him for BIGFOOT and shoot him
  • DaBaby was involved in a SHOOTING Monday night in the South Beach section of Miami
  • VIDEO: Just Bob Saget “singing” Harry Styles to his wife
  • Even after “Cats”,  Taylor Swift was able to land another MOVIE ROLE
  • PICS: We honestly don’t think Chris Hemsworth’s biceps could get any bigger
  • John Mayer  new album is coming out July 16th.  It’s called “SOB ROCK”
  •  The 2022 DATES for Coachella have been announced
  • A list of EARLY JOBS of the stars includes Hugh Grant cleaning toilets at IBM in London, Willem Dafoe assembling “Hustler” and “Penthouse” magazines, and Javier Bardem STRIPPING
  •  Check out the trailer for the Amazon documentary “Mary J. Blige’s My Life”