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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (6/22/23)

elon mark
  • Ummmm Mark Zuckerberg just accepted Elon Musk’s CAGE MATCH CHALLENGE….is this really happening or is it just all talk???
  • Days after Bebe Rexha HIT BY FLYING PHONE, a concertgoer ran on stage and SLAPPED Ava Max and there is VIDEO
  • Kevin Costner’s estranged wife Christine is requesting $248K A MONTH in child support
  • VIDEO: Aubrey Plaza on the Jumbotron at the Sparks vs Lynx just giving the middle finger
  • The writer’s strike just KILLED Bad Bunny’s “Spider-Man”  spin off, “El Muerto”
  • ‘America’s Biggest Pie Lover’ Jason Biggs is selling a limited-edition PIE! (no apples are involved)
  • VIDEO: Britney Spears says she visited with her sister last week in Insta post that shows her dancing on a boat and having a great time
  • PICS: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire rep their ‘Wolf Pack’ with matching necklaces
  • PICS: Kelly Osbourne’s baby paying tribute to Ozzy Osbourne by being dressed up as a bat!
  • VIDEO: Post Malone is having too much fun with his Raising Cane’s partnership
  • 27 times actors made MISTAKES ON SET and they actually ended up being genius moments!
  • Katy Perry says having a SOBER PACT with Orlando Bloom makes it so much easier because they can do it together
  • VIDEO: Adele forgot the lyrics to “I Drink Wine” during a recent show and a fan had to finish it for her
  • The Jonas Brothers TEAM UP with K-pop group Tomorrow X Together for new song called “Do It Like That” out July 7th