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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (6/4/21)

chris sharks
  • Chris Hemsworth will DIVE WITH SHARKS in an hour-long special to start off “SharkFest”….who will be more scared? Chris or the sharks????
  • Sophie Turner hints on social media she’s NOT STRAIGHT 
  • VIDEO: Kim Kardashian wept about feeling like a “failure” and a “loser” as her marriage to Kanye West ended after admitting she’d been unhappy “for years”
  • VIDEO: Sophia Vergara on her new rescue pup, “I don’t have a dog.  Joe has a dog.  She has taken everything that was mine . . . my husband, my bed.”
  • Backstreet Boys & N*Sync making MUSIC TOGETHER???? Nick Carter and Lance Bass teased that they have a project in the works in honor of Pride Month, featuring Joey Fatone and maybe AJ McLean.
  • A 30 year old man OVERDOSED at JoJo Siwa’s Pride party and he was rushed to the hospital
  • We can’t believe we forgot to wish McLovin a HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!

  • Production on “Mission: Impossible 7” has been SHUT DOWN for two weeks after at least one person on the set tested positive for the coronavirus
  • VIDEO: Madonna’s dad turned 90 . . . and she brought the kids to his vineyard to celebrate
  • VIDEO: Patrick Renna from “The Sandlot” knew what to do when his kid got a black eye playing baseball
  • Billboard’s TOP 3 MAINSTREAM ROCK songs of all-time are: Days of the New’s “Touch, Peel and Stand” . . . Stone Temple Pilots’ “Interstate Love Song” . . . and U2’s “Mysterious Ways”