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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (7/15/22)

beyonce horse
  • Beyoncé posted her first TikTok . . . and she’s not even in it! And if you didn’t hear, she brought her full MUSIC CATALOG to the app!

Seeing y’all release the wiggle made me so happy! Thank you so much for all the love for BREAK MY SOUL! – Love B —#RENAISSANCE #BREAKMYSOUL

♬ BREAK MY SOUL – Beyoncé

  • Ryan Gosling says it’s his dream that playing Ken in the “Barbie” movie will inspire HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! “This is my dream.  I’ve always wanted to make a character that people might go out for Halloween as”
  • Bill Gates is donating $20 BILLION to his foundation this month and plans to drop off the list of the world’s wealthiest, “I have an obligation to return my resources to society.”
  • VIDEO: See Stormi beatboxing on Kylie Jenner’s TikTok
  • Kris Jenner is teaching online Master Class on PERSONAL BRANDING, where she’ll show you how to build a narrative, find an audience and followers, and leverage the power of social media to make your brand stand out
  • PICS: Dan Levy called out Jesse Tyler Ferguson for posting a group photo where he looks “constipated”
  • PICS: Demi Lovato somehow cut her forehead with a crystal and had to wear a WIG on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to cover it!
  • If you’ve been following….Everything between Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat is ALL GOOD since he outed her for asking to be set up with his co-star Joseph Quinn
  • Mister Rogers was NOT A SNIPER, Avril Lavigne was not replaced by a lookalike, and 12 other pop culture rumors and myths debunked
  • In MAJOR VICTORY for Britney Spears, judge orders Jamie Spears to be deposed and produce surveillance records
  • “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles is the first album released this year to go PLATINUM
  • Alfonso Ribiero is joining Tyra Banks to CO HOST the new season of “Dancing with the Stars”
  • Chris Pratt was approached to play Indiana Jones but ONE QUOTE from Harrison Ford scared him!
  • The director of the movie “Gremlins” says Baby Yoda was “completely stolen and is just out-and-out copied from GIZMO of “Gremlins”
  • Tom Brady says the hardest part of being a rich and famous parent is raising his children to UNDERSTAND THEIR PRIVILEGE
  • VIDEO: Bella Thorne thinks she’s mastered that whole “Baywatch” running-in-slow-motion thing
  • VIDEO:  Check out the trailer for “Secret Headquarters”. . . a Paramount+ family-friendly action flick where Owen Wilson’s son finds out his dad is actually a superhero
  • VIDEO: The trailer for the Showtime series “American Gigolo”, based on the 1980 Richard Gere movie of the same name