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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (7/22/21)

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  • The Jonas Brothers jokingly challenged the Hemsworths brothers to a MMA FIGHT….Joe said “[They] haven’t emailed us back yet, but it’s gonna be big” [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO]
  • Jeff Bezos said he and Richard Branson are not playing a game of “WHOSE IS BIGGER“….he says his goal is to lay the groundwork for a time when we can move “all heavy industry and all polluting industry” off the Earth and into space
  • A “Mouse Trap” REALITY COMPETITION series . . . yes, based on the BOARD GAME . . . is in the works at Fox.  The obstacles will be oversized and the contestants will have to steal cheese for money
  • LISTEN: Check out Lorde’s new single, “Stoned at the Nail Salon”
  • Demand for RED HAIR DYE has increased 163% since “Black Widow” came out
  • The Rock TAKES A SHOT at Vin Diesel
  • VIDEO: Selena Gomez fans think she made this TikTok about Justin Bieber
  • PICS: Robin Williams’ son paid tribute to his dad on what would have been his 70th birthday.  He also talked to “People” magazine about Robin’s FRUSTRATION due to being misdiagnosed
  • PICS: Kensington Palace released a photo of Prince George for his eighth birthday
  • PICS: Celebrities whose faces are tattooed on other celebs’ bodies
  • Courteney Cox says HER COOKING is a lot better than the restaurants she used to go to
  • Kate Beckinsale has never been on an ACTUAL DATE,  “I literally meet someone, get to know them at work, and then either marry them or get pregnant by them”
  • VIDEO: Tyler, The Creator directed a hilarious Converse ad starring Tim Meadows, Vince Staples, Henry Rollins, and NBA legend Bill Walton
  • Dolly Parton says she only takes movie roles that are like her personality, “Parts that I can relate to.  All that gaudy stuff and SHOWING MY BOOBS and all that.”