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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (7/9/20)

Jose & Alexis' Hot Wing Bet
  • “Glee” star Naya Rivera MISSING after “horrible accident” on a boat that is breaking our heart…her 4 year old son was found alone on the boat…authorities are presuming she DROWNED Below is the last pic she posted

  • Kanye West has Elon Musk & Kim Kardashian as his campaign advisors, wants a Wyoming preacher named Michelle Tidball as his running mate and says his campaign slogan is “YES!”
  • Is Britney Spears yellow top a secret CRY FOR HELP? A new conspiracy theory thinks so
  • Bella Hadid is SLAMMING Instagram for removing a picture she posted of her dad’s U.S. passport, along with the caption, “My baba and his birthplace of Palestine.”
  • Ryan Gosling is going to be the new “WOLFMAN” 
  • How Zendaya and John David Washington pulled off filming an ENTIRE MOVIE amid the pandemic
  • Mariah Carey just finished her AUTOBIOGRAPHY
  • “The Wonder Years” is being REMADE! It will star a black family living in Alabama in the 1960s
  • Halsey got a new tattoo that says “Life’s a Mess”…the title of her new track with Juice WRLD

  • Will Smith recalls being called the N-WORD BY COPS over 10 times while growing up in Philadelphia
  • Jimmy Fallon wrote a CHILDREN’s BOOK
  • Lisa Kudrow says the “Friends” reunion HAS A DATE and Conan immediately plans to sabotage it
  • VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson covers Whitney Houston and it’s pitch perfect
  • Country band Lady Antebellum tried to change their name to Lady A…but Seattle singer Lady A wants $10 MILLION if she’s going to share the name!
  • NBC is rebooting “The WEAKEST LINK“, with Jane Lynch hosting