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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/18/20)

kanye sunday service
  • Kanye West says a “vision” came to him…his big idea is a new social media platform called “JESUS TOK”. “I was watching TikTok with my daughter and as a Christian father I was disturbed by a lot of the content but I completely loved the technology.”
  • Katy Perry shows off her soon-to-be-born babies room….but the weird, crying puppy sounds she makes during the entire thing is freaking people out!
  • Ryan Reynold’s  Aviation Gin just sold for $610 MILLION . . . but he gets to keep an ownership stake
  • Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler is selling cups of coffee to other NBA players in the bubble for $20 A CUP
  • Keanu Reeves applauds SAFETY PROTOCOLS as filming for “Matrix 4” begins!!
  • Sharon Stone has lost two family members to COVID-19, and now her sister is FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE
  • Prosecutors want Lori Loughlin to spend 2 MONTHS in prison
  • Kylie Jenner says her post with the caption “BROWN SKINNED girl” wasn’t her…it was doctored…but some people claim she only changed it after she got blow back
  • “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” is being remade with WILL SMITH and KEVIN HART
  • Ellen DeGeneres is starting to clean house at her show, in the wake of those allegations of a “toxic workplace”, and has fired 3 TOP PRODUCERS
  • 6 Takeaways from Drake’s NEW SONG “Laugh Now Cry Later”
  • Two men CHARGED in 2002 unsolved murder of Jam Master Jay!
  • 57% of people have stopped watching the news because it’s TOO STRESSFUL
  • PICS: The house that was used for the EXTERIOR shots on “Golden Girls” has sold for $4 million . . . $1 million OVER the asking price
  • PICS: Ashley Tisdale had her breast implants removed because she thinks they were causing “minor health issues.”
  • PICS: Fisher Price made a Little People playset of “The Office”