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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/21/20)

Ben Affleck
  • Ben Affleck is RETURNING as Batman in the upcoming “Flash” movie
  • “Karen” THE MOVIE is coming! Starring Taryn Manning from “Orange Is the New Black” as a racist, entitled Southern woman trying to get rid of her new African-American neighbors
  • Taylor Swift SIGNED a bunch of “Folklore” CDs and sent them out to indie music stores . . .  She also DONATED $30,000 to help a young woman go to college
  • Pharrell Williams wrote a powerful piece on RACISM for “Time”
  • Comedy Central renewed Daniel Tosh’s show “Tosh.0” for 4 more seasons…and then changed their mind and CANCELLED IT!
  • Katy Perry wants everyone to know her pregnancy was NOT AN ACCIDENT 
  • Courteney Cox is not impressed with Jennifer Aniston’s billiard skills

  • James Blunt gave himself SCURVY trying to prove his manhood with a meat only diet
  • PICS: Kelly Osbourne’s 85-lb weightloss came from gastric sleeve surgery a few years ago
  • PICS: Kirsten Dunst would like to know why her face was used in Kanye West’s latest 2020 campaign post
  • Rachel McAdams is EXPECTING another child
  • Ellen DeGeneres is trying to butter up her employees with some NEW PERKS
  • Selena Gomez might have JOINED THE CAST of “Scream 5”
  • Beethoven the Saint Bernard beat out Snoopy for BEST POP CULTURE DOG of all time!
  • There is a A PETITION to stop the remake of “The Exorcist” because it will never be as good as the original
  • PICS: Ex-porn star Ron Jeremy’s apartment is as nasty as you’d expect!
  • PICS: Kelly Ripa hilariously recreated a picture of herself and her kids from 2003