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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/4/22)

William Hung at the World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational Tour
William Hung at the World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational Tournament, Commerce Casino, Commerce, CA. 02-20-10
  • VIDEO: This guy hired William Hung to let his co-workers know he was quitting….and it’s the only way to quit a job from now on!

and yes that is a William Hung original, not a cover #jobtips #worklife

♬ original sound – Joellen Lu

  • Britney Spears says the Catholic Church wouldn’t ALLOW her to get married in their church in a NOW DELETED INSTA POST….but a rep for the Catholic church DENIED Britney’s claims saying she never contacted them & they have no record of her even going to that church
  • PICS: Adele’s buys Sylvester Stallone’s $58 million home with her mortgage payments at $200,000 A MONTH!
  • Warner Bros has SHELVED $70 million “Bat Girl” movie and it’s the Brendan Fraser fans that are LOSING THEIR MINDS
  • VIDEO: Harry Styles helping a guy propose to his girlfriend during a show in Portugal
  • The guy who killed Nicki Minaj’s dad in a hit and run got sentenced to 1 YEAR IN JAIL and fined
  • PICS: Chrissy Teigen is pregnant
  • VIDEO: Jane Fonda proves she’s still got her signature workout skills at 84 years old in new ad for H&M
  • PICS: Justin and Hailey Bieber just want to wish you good morning from their bed
  • Jennifer Coolidge COVERS Variety and says she loved being a “MILF” in “American Pie”….”There were so many benefits to doing that movie.  I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with.”
  • Christina Ricci says she wishes she could redo the ’90s: ‘I REGRET so much’
  •  Demi Lovato DISSES EX Wilmer Valderrama over their 12-year age gap on a new song
  • “Grey’s Anatomy” is PHASING OUT…Dr. Gray!
  • VIDEO: Selena Gomez isn’t sucking anything in and we are so here for it!
  • Kevin Bacon got PUKED ON by a cameraman while making “Apollo 13”
  • PICS: Jason Momoa dressed up as a flight attendant to hand out aluminum water bottles from his company Mananalu
  • John Mayer, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jeff Ross are taking over as HOSTS for Bob Saget’s annual Scleroderma fundraiser on September 21st
  • REAL LIFE VALUES of famous TV & Movies homes according to Zillow: Wayne Manor from the 1960s “Batman” show could cost you $14.9 million . . . and the apartment on “Dexter” would cost $257,000
  • 12 once normal BABY NAMES that pop culture basically ruined
  • Guys spot on impression of Michael Jackson singing “The Way You Make Me Feel” goes VIRAL ON TIKTOK