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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (9/15/22)

LOS ANGELES - DEC 04: Jack Harlow arrives for Variety 2021 Music
LOS ANGELES – DEC 04: Jack Harlow arrives for Variety 2021 Music Hitmakers Brunch on December 04, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA
  •  Jack Harlow says he lost his virginity TWICE…and if it works that way we’ve got some recounting to do! NSFW VIDEO
  • Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Quinta Brunson for Emmys bit that totally backfired, “That was a dumb comedy bit that we thought would be funny. I lost and then I drank too much and then got dragged out on the stage.” [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO] But she got her “revenge” by jokingly interrupting his monologue

  • Since 2008, all of Madonna’s boyfriends have been at least 28 YEARS YOUNGER than her.  Her current boyfriend is only 23, and she’s 64
  • VIDEO: Ethan Hawke on what happens when we die!
  • VIDEO: Chrissy Teigen asked Whitney Cummings to be her unborn child’s godmother . . . while Whitney was high on mushrooms
  • America’s Got Talent crowns a WINNER….or should we say winners? VIDEO HERE
  • VIDEO: Eminem and Snoop finally ended their long-standing beef in 2021 . . . and it was Dr. Dre’s aneurysm that motivated them
  • Kobe Bryant was scheduled to film an APPEARANCE on the “Saved by the Bell” reboot just days after his death
  • Cardi B wants to know how regular people are making ends meet in this economy “My family and my friends, they’re so grateful to have me, but it’s just like, WHAT HAPPENS to people who don’t have a me?”
  • John Stamos is releasing his autobiography next year, “After LOSING Bob Saget, finally becoming a father, and wanting to honor all the colorful people who have made me who I am today, I figured if not now, when?”
  •   Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s daughter, Maya Hawke, said there’s still movies of theirs she has NOT SEEN like “Reality Bites” and the “Kill Bill” movies
  • Justin and Hailey Bieber are celebrating their fourth anniversary.  Here’s HIS post, and here’s HERS
  • VIDEO: John Legend put Chrissy Teigen and their kids in his new video “Wonder Woman”
  • Jason Momoa got the side of his head TATTOOED
  • PICS: Check out a poster featuring David Harbour as a badass Santa Claus in a movie called “Violent Night”