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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (9/20/21)

schitts creek
  • At the 2021 Emmys, Tom Hanks’ wife & actress Rita Wilson RAPPED, Conan O’Brien MADE FUN of the head of the TV Academy, and some director spoke SO LONG that they tried to play him off the stage three times….and did the Schitt’s Creek cast really have a MALFUNCTIONING TELEPROMPTER? 
  • The “Teletubbies” asked Lil Nas X if they can be FEATURED on his next album, he responded, “Alright bet! Me and Tinky-Winky on the hook, Dipsy and Po on the verses and we’ll let Laa-Laa do the outro.”
  • Chris Rock has COVID and it’s kicking his butt…he used the time to encourage people to get vaccinated
  • THE WINNERS of the 73rd Primetime Emmy Award include:  “The Crown” for Outstanding Drama Series . . . “Ted Lasso” for Outstanding Comedy Series . . . and “The Queen’s Gambit” for Outstanding Limited Series
  • Ray J’s former manager claims they have 2nd SEX TAPE of Ray and Kim Kardashian and they’re willing to give it to Kanye West
  • VIDEO: Tyler Perry had a moose in his backyard again
  • Amy Schumer’s  treatment for endometriosis included having her uterus and appendix REMOVED
  • Daniel Craig got emotional SAYING GOODBYE to the crew on his final James Bond movie, “No Time to Die”
  • Mary-Kate Olsen finished third in a HORSE RIDING competition in Rome
  • LeVar Burton doesn’t want your stupid “Jeopardy!” HOSTING JOB anymore . . . because other opportunities have opened up
  • The Foo Fighters and Jane’s Addiction members formed a SUPERGROUP called NHC
  • According to a new study, the top three MOST POPULAR EDUCATIONAL TV shows you watched as a kid are: “Sesame Street” . . . “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” . . . and “Reading Rainbow”