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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (9/30/21)

LOS ANGELES - MAR 24:  Shakira at the Album Release Party For Sh
LOS ANGELES – MAR 24: Shakira at the Album Release Party For Shakira’s Exclusive Deluxe Edition at Target on March 24, 2014 in Burbank, CA
  • Shakira was ATTACKED BY WILD BOARS! 
  • Britney Spears’ father Jamie has been REMOVED from his role as her conservator, effective immediately…A hearing on terminating the conservatorship entirely will take place on November 12th
  • Angelina Jolie & The Weeknd dating????? Their friends think something ROMANTIC is going on!
  • Reviews of Kylie Jenner’s new swimwear line have been BRUTAL so far….one TikToker SAID “You can get better quality swimsuits for half the price at Target.  And not to mention they’re kind of just as cute.”
  • Airbnb is offering three one-night stays at the “SCREAM” HOUSE with a a virtual check-in from David Arquette, scares from Ghost Face, and a movie marathon with 90s snacks….it’s in Northern California & costs only $5
  • VIDEO: The first 10 customers at Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti in Detroit were served by Eminem himself
  • Mayim Bialik said Neil Patrick Harris STOPPED TALKING to her after she when she went to see him in “Rent”, and didn’t get up for the standing ovation way back in 1997!
  • Jake Gyllenhaal had his dog neutered, and filled his sack with FAKE TESTES called “NEUTICLES
  • Check out a TEASER for Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special, “The Closer”.  It’s coming out on Tuesday
  • PICS: Lena Dunham shared a wedding photo
  • PICS: Jason Momoa  got some “cool dad points” after his kids got to meet Billie Eilish at the “No Time to Die” premiere
  • PICS: Lenny Kravitz’s abs are so amazing that even Channing Tatum doesn’t believe they’re “natural”!