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Butt Masks: The Latest Beauty Trend

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Skincare has always been a huge part of the beauty industry. As fun as makeup is, there are some consequences that can come with it if you don’t take proper care of your skin. Skincare has always been mainly associated with one part of your body: your face.

Recently there is a new skincare routine that’s been circulating all over social media. This new routine is butt skincare.

Being a woman comes with some tough realities regarding our bodies. Cellulite and stretch marks to name a few.

Even though these traits are completely normal to have, women are feeling insecure about having it. According to Asma Ahmed, a dermatologist based out of New Jersey, says “Up to 98% of women have cellulite”.

As beautiful as the beauty industry is, it picks out flaws in women in exchange for the consumer’s money. Telling them that the way they look is not enough and that they should invest in this product to change that.

Many butt masks claim that they will reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, and even acne or scarring.

But do they really?

I have invested in these products lately. Not because I felt I needed it, but it definitely intrigued me.

One company in particular really caught my attention. I saw it enough times on Instagram and the advertising and layout of the product are what kept me going back to think about it. This company is called Anese.

“Anese was started by co-founders Lynnsee and Nick van Gordon in 2016 and has since grown to a full team. Our core line started with five elixirs and has now expanded to masks, serums, and scrubs”.

There are so many different companies that specialize in butt skincare. Research is showing that the skin on our butt vs our face is very different. “The skin on the body, in general, is much less forgiving than the face because there are fewer pores (hair follicles) which contain stem cells,” Dr. Geria explains. “The latter is important for our skin in terms of repairing damage — this is why wounds on the face heal so much better than those on the body.”

After a few uses, I can say this is a product I will continue to purchase. It leaves it feeling and feeling plump, soft, and pampered. Who wouldn’t want that?

I’m not saying that butt skincare is a necessity, but going that extra mile for your self-care routines or pampering, will leave you feeling clean and confident will take you a long way. Especially during these difficult times, it is extremely important to do things to remind yourself of how special you are. Treat yourself like the queen you are!