What’s On Your Mind (10/21/20)

Brooke is worried Alexis is scared of her, Jose has a big announcement about cuffing season, Alexis had a fight or flight moment, and Jeff has some thoughts about 90’s horror films. It’s time to go around the room and share What’s On Our Minds!

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/22/20)

The Kardashian’s threw a 40th surprise party for Kim complete with choreographed sister’s dance! [VIDEO IN LINK] The official tally of actors and actresses who spend the MOST TIME NUDE on screen…and Helen Mirren is #2 on the list! Can you guess the 1st? Plus, Emma Roberts had to block her own mom on Instagram!

PODCAST: Covinsanity (10/21/20)

In Covinsanity, we focus on the not-so-serious stories coming from the outbreak. We’ve gathered the funniest and strangest news from around the world that we guarantee will put a smile…