Second Date: Ronald and Julia (Arcade Badass)

The guy on the line for a Second Date today calls himself an “Arcade Badass.” He’s got some talent on the sticks, but why exactly does he need our help finding his Ms. Pac-Man?

Second Date: Kevin and Denise (Micro Nap)

When we heard the reason the guy in today’s Second Date isn’t getting a call back we couldn’t believe it. It’s not something he said, it’s something he did, and he doesn’t see ANY problem with it.

Second Date: Olivia and Thomas (Bathroom Bonanza)

Olivia met Thomas at a coffee shop. They went on a date to the park, played frisbee, and had some boxed wine. She then says the date became kind of a blur and at the end of the date they shared a weird almost-hug side-kiss. But now Thomas is avoiding…