Second Date: Kasey and Zach (High School Crush)

Today one of our listeners got an opportunity that we all dream about… a chance to reconnect with “the one that got away”. Does the flame from high school still burn as bright?

Second Date: Kyle and Virginia (Pins and Needles)

The guy in today’s Second Date has a standard date he always goes on to “test” the woman he’s out with. One woman who passed his test isn’t calling him back and he has no idea why… until we give her a call.

Second Date: Kara and Corey (Old Folks Home)

Corey is a single guy looking for a relationship, but he also works at a retirement home. When he introduced his date to to the ladies in the home, they didn’t like her AT ALL! … Wait until you hear some of the things they had to say!…

Second Date: Caroline and Kevin (Suppositories)

Dating can sometimes be tricky. Especially if you go on a date and NEVER hear back from them.. Don’t know what that feels like? Well, one of our listeners is familiar. And it’s all because of what she asked her date to do during dinner.

Second Date: Chris and Liz (Funeral Date)

We’ve heard of some weird first date spots in our day, but today’s location might be the most uncomfortable spot to get to know someone in recorded history.

Second Date: Shawn and Jessica (Oh Corn Nuts!)

When you’re single, some dates are going to be GOOD… Some Dates are gonna be BAD… But occasionally, there are dates that you just wish NEVER EVER HAPPENED. Well, the girl on the phone has been trying to FORGET what happened during her latest romantic encounter for days now. And…

Second Date: Aiden and Summer (Dessert Surprise)

Today’s Second Date has all the makings of a true love story… A chance encounter at a party, a romantic dinner… all topped off with a special “dessert surprise,” that NOBODY saw coming.

Second Date: Justin and Charlotte (In Love)

They say you know when you’ve found “THE ONE,” and the guy in today’s 2nd Date strongly believes his date was his soul mate… so he told her that. It’s good to be upfront and honest… right? Or was his over-sharing why he isn’t getting a call back?…

Second Date: John and Jillian (Yoga Pants Bandit)

One of our listeners NOT ONLY got a passionate make out session… but his date actually REMOVED HER CLOTHES jut minutes into their evening… Little did he know, it turned out to be the WORST THING that could have possibly happened.

Second Date: Ethan and Alyssa (Baby Clothes)

Ethan isn’t getting a call back from Alyssa even after their SPA day! Perhaps it’s because of the odd collection items he has waiting back at his home… What could it be?