Animated Phone Tap: Stalker Girl

Alexis is Phone Tapping a guy who got a little too drunk last night and doesn’t remember his evening. She’s here to fill in those gaps in his memory with all the details on how they fell in love!

Animated Phone Tap: The Ballad Of Randy

Kids names in 2021 are more outrageous than ever. So today, Brooke’s Phone Tapping an elementary school teacher saying that she’s furious that the whole school’s been mispronouncing her son’s name wrong all year long.

Animated Phone Tap: Twerk Academy

In today’s new Animated Phone Tap, we’re setting up a guy who gets jealous over how much attention his girlfriend gets at the gym. So we’ve sent our manliest man out for this project: Jeffrey.

Animated Phone Tap: Kanye Hotel

Pranking front desk workers is one of our specialties and in today’s new Phone Tap, we call the front desk of a big hotel to let them know one of the world’s most notorious celebs is on his way into town.