Animated Phone Tap: Goodwill

Today’s Phone Tap victim is a frequent clothes donator and Brooke calls to break the news that her “style” isn’t nice enough for Goodwill…

Animated Phone Tap: I Lost Your Laptop

We’re calling a guy who just ordered a new laptop and its been weeks and he still has nothing to show for it. The delivery company hasn’t been helpful, and we’re not gonna make his day any easier either!

Animated Phone Tap: Halloweenie

A special Halloween Phone Tap! Today’s victim got some surprising news that he didn’t expect about his wife and we couldn’t tell if he was more confused, angry, or TURNED ON?!

Animated Phone Tap: Sleep Study

In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff calls a guy who’s had trouble sleeping, so he took part in a sleep study….He’s about to find out he has a severe case of “TRIPLE S!”