Resignation | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

More and more people around the country are leaving their jobs in hopes of something better. So Young Jeffrey wanted to write a song about that unique feeling you get when quitting your job. Instead of Khalid’s “Location” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Resignation”

What’s On Your Mind (07/21/21)

Brooke was sent a junk pic by a listener, Jose has a bird that’ll make him famous, Alexis is getting noticed in public, and Jeffrey has a petition to bring back muffins to the break room. It’s time to go around the room and share What’s On Our Minds!

Riffin’ Around: Space Edition

Today’s Riffin’ Around is all about songs that have to do with Space! Can Jose win back-to-back, can Brooke get back on track, or will Alexis get her first ever win??

Riffin’ Around: Summer Heat

Because of the heat wave across North America, every song in today’s game of “Riffin’ Around” contains the word “Hot” or “Heat” in it. Can Brooke remain undefeated or will Jose or Alexis take the Riffin’ Around Crown?

Whats On Your Mind (07/14/21)

Brooke has some hot takes about Gen Z, Jose had his shortest date ever, Alexis is learning to ride a bike, and Jeffrey has an update on the charity auction he agreed to emcee! It’s time to go around the room and share What’s On Our Minds!

Snickles Challenge

“Snickles”: A SNICKERS inside a Pickle. If you say something is a challenge on the internet, we’ll probably eat it