Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/14/21)

MGK And Megan Fox’s couple interview is just chaos & the internet is eating it up, “Our first date we breathed each other” [VIDEO IN LINK] Lady Gaga wore a boa made of $100 bills [PICS IN LINK]
There could be a “Gilligan’s Island” movie where the castaways EAT EACH OTHER???

Wear Red and Give

Go Red for Women’s Heart Health! Did you know? Women are less likely to get CPR. Heart attacks appear to be on the rise in younger women, and cardiovascular disease…

Truly Unruly with Marcus and Jessica Trufant

hosted by Kel! “Truly Unruly” is available now on YouTube, Apple streaming services and wherever podcasts are streaming. For more information on Truly Unruly visit YouTube – Instagram…