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Demi X Marshmello collab coming September 10, take the "Mood Quiz" now

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After confirming that they did indeed team up for a song, Demi Lovato and Marshmello have now revealed when we’ll be able to hear it.

The song, called “OK Not to Be OK,” will debut September 10, according to a tweet from Demi and her record company.

A companion website has also launched, featuring a “Mood Quiz,” in which you choose from various emoticons to describe how you feel in various situations, such as when you wake up in the morning, when you look back on your past or when someone gives you a compliment.  

You can share the results to your social media, and if you need help, you can click on the square that says “Hope for the Day.”  That’s the name of a non-profit that’s dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health education.  There, you’ll find a number of hotlines to call, depending on your personal situation.

“Despite the things you’ve been through, it’s OK not to be OK,” reads the message.

The website also features a playlist of Demi and Marshmello hits, as well as an old-school version of the game Minesweeper and a link to pre-save the song.



By Andrea Dresdale
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